Our Mission

The St. Mark’s Day School promotes educational integrity, moral strength, personal responsibility and cultural awareness. The school is driven by the pursuit of academic excellence within a religious community creating a foundation for lifetime learning.




At St. Mark’s we are committed to the growth and development of the whole child. This begins with the belief that God’s children are beings in the image and likeness of God, they are not only test takers, the future workforce or little troublemakers. They are beings with minds that need nurturing, hearts that need affection and wills that need strengthening in truth. Our curriculum design is intended to strengthen every God given faculty so that they may grow up to, see the beauty in God’s creation, understand the natural laws of creation, and be empowered to be good stewards of creation. Hence, there is an equal place for the Humanities, Arts, and Sciences.

We urge our teachers to remember that our children are not only cerebral and therefore their hearts must be stirred to find joy in learning and the fellowship of the entire school. In class they are to be reminded of their God given potential and in chapel they are drawn to the awareness of God’s love and concern for their welfare. As stewards of God’s children it is also our responsibility to train them in making healthy decisions. Life generally presents itself as a series of choices and our children must learn to choose that which is good for their welfare and pleasing in the sight of God. At St. Mark’s we would like every child to become well rounded individuals that are able to live in full and not just survive but thrive. Our concern is for the whole child.

The School's History

In the Fall of 1972, the Vestry of the Church of St. Mark, under the leadership of their new rector, Father Heron Aloysius Sam, acknowledged in principle, the need for a comprehensive approach to the question of education, and the importance of education at all levels, as a very necessary component of the missionary and liberating thrust of the Gospel in particular, and religion in general.

Four years of planning, praying and advice-seeking were to elapse before the Vestry, in 1976, at their annual retreat, adopted a resolution which set the wheels in motion for an irrevocable progression of events leading ultimately to the establishment of St. Mark’s Day School in September, 1977.

The Vestry, as an expression of its earnest intentions and the high priority it had placed on this project, voted to spend what turned out to be $240,000 to provide a suitable home for the school at 1435/37 Union Street. St. Mark’s Day School opened its doors at 8:30 a.m. on Monday September 12, 1977, to an enrollment of 90 children, aged 3 to 9 years.

By the summer of 1978, the enrollment increased rapidly to within 500, and it became readily apparent that the needs of parents were being addressed by the Church in this Crown Heights Community

And so, with reckless daring, divine conviction, and an empty bank account, the Church of St. Mark with the help of the people in the community, acquired the Hospital Of St. Giles, a defunct orthopedic facility, at 1346 President Street for $250,000 to become the permanent home of its school, with 1435/37 Union Street becoming the annex.

The decision was made to create an exceptionally organized, well staffed and fully equipped school to serve the community, enrolling children from the Nursery through the twelfth grade, by adding a grade annually together with the necessary equipment and facilities to ensure accreditation.